Friday, December 18, 2009

What's the difference between whipped cream and whipping cream?

Can I substitute one for the other?What's the difference between whipped cream and whipping cream?
Whipping Cream is 35% cream. It's in a heavy liquid cream form.

Whipped Cream is the 35% cream with air in it, so its basically the 35% cream, but whipped.

Technically, they are the same thing: it's whipping cream before you whip it, and whipped cream after you whip it. So basically, both are the same thing.

Now if you're asking if you can substitute Whip Cream (like say Cool Whip) instead of Whipping Cream (35% cream), then I don't think that would work, because the Cool Whip has other things in it, like sugar and flavoring, whereas whipping cream only has the cream part in it, and they aren't exactly the same consistency... Hope this helps!What's the difference between whipped cream and whipping cream?
Whipped cream is the sweet stuff used for topping. Like Cool Whip in a tub and Reddi Whip in a can. Whipping cream comes in a carton and is used in recipes. You can whip it up and eventually make it fluffy like whipped cream. That's kinda how mousse is made.
AIR -- air is the difference, You take whipping cream, whip it, and it turns into whipped cream.

Add a little powdered sugar and whip until soft. Don't whip it too much, or it will get a greasy taste (as it will turn into butter, eventually).
Whipped cream is the result after you whip whipping cream. So if you whip the whipping cream it becomes whipped cream. Got it?
Whipping cream has yet to be whipped. No you can't substitute, they are different items. You can sub whipping cream for half and half, milk, etc.
Yes It Is The Same Thing People Just Use Different Terms... I Think. Whipping Cream May Actually Be Cream For Whipping. Sorry.
whipping cream is liquid and needs to be whipped with beaters until it looks like whipped cream. Also, it's cheaper.

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